By John Sottile and Alex DacascosThe Department of Water and Power says its struggling to find the right pipe for its new water dog system, which it says will help save millions of litres of water in the future.

    Key points:WaterDog is a new type of piping designed to help conserve waterInventor Andrew Jones says it has a lower carbon footprint than other pipesThe system was created as part of a $2 billion contract with the State Government in 2019The system, designed by the Australian Water Technologies Company, uses a combination of a water-tight membrane and an internal pump to collect and transport water from a pipe to a tank in the ground.

    The system will be used in some of Victoria’s most remote and remote locations, such as the Yarra River.

    “We’re now able to get water out of the ground,” Environment Minister Ian Macfarlane said.

    “It’s a bit like having a bucket in the bush, we can get out of that bucket and put the water in a bucket and we can take it back to the ground, or put it in a barrel.”

    That’s where it really works.

    “He said the system has already been used in a number of remote communities, including the Yarrah Valley.”

    The technology has worked very well in the community, and we’re hopeful that it can be applied in some other places too,” he said.

    Mr Jones says the system was designed as part a $1.6 billion contract signed in 2019, but has only been rolled out in select areas.

    The company says the new water-efficient design is being rolled out across Victoria.”

    If we had been more efficient, then we could have built more water dogs and a lot more in remote areas,” Mr Jones said.

    However, the new system is only being used in remote locations in the Yarras, the Upper Yarra and the Upper Dandenong.

    The Federal Government’s new water management plan calls for an overall reduction in water use in Victoria by at least 40 per cent over five years.

    But, despite that, some remote communities have found it difficult to find suitable water dog pipes.

    The Yarra Valley has the highest water use rate in Victoria, and many of the communities that rely on it say they can’t afford to install the new systems.”

    I’m not saying that the Yarrazes don’t need the system, but if you don’t want to install it, then the Yarries aren’t going to need it,” Mr Macfiddens said.

    Mr Macfarrell said the new infrastructure would help conserve up to 30 per cent of the water used in the region.””

    There is a number in remote places, particularly in remote communities like the Yarrie Valley,” he told ABC Victoria.

    Mr Macfarrell said the new infrastructure would help conserve up to 30 per cent of the water used in the region.

    “So if you’re able to install this, then it will be an additional benefit,” he added.

    “In the long run, I’m hoping to reduce our water use by as much as 40 per per cent.”

    And we can have that happen at a cost to the community.

    “The water dog program is funded by a $9 billion water supply bond, and Mr MacFiddens says the Government has committed to ensuring that the bond is sustainable.”

    You have a very long-term commitment to the water bond, so we’ll see what happens over the next three or four years, but I think that’s the intention,” he‚Äč said.