I’m not drinking water. 

    I don’t think it’s a good idea. 

    The fact that it’s there at all, and that there’s even a water filter in the bathroom makes me think it doesn’t belong there.

    But then, why should I be drinking it? 

    I’ve been using bottled water for years. 

    So, yeah, I do have some drinking water there. 

    But I’ve also had to learn how to make my own water, and it’s not always so easy. 

    Here’s what you need to know to make the most of it.

    What are bottled water filters?

    Bottled water filters are designed to remove contaminants from water that may be present in water in your home.

    The problem is, some of these filters aren’t even safe to use, according to a recent study.

    What are the most common water filters used? 

    These types of filters are usually used to remove chlorine from water, nitrates from tap water, carbon monoxide from municipal waste, and so on.

    They’re designed to filter out a certain amount of water before it enters your home, but not always.

    How can I make my home water safe? 

    You can make your own water filter. 

    You don’t have to be an expert at water filtration, but you should know how to use a water bottle and how to wash a bottle.

    Here’s how to get started.

    Step 1.

    Fill a water jug with water.

    Step 2.

    Remove the top of the water bottle.

    If the top is too loose, you can add a towel.

    If it’s too tight, you may need to add more water to loosen it.

    Step 3.

    Add more water and mix it with a cloth.

    After adding the water, take it to the sink or to a cupboard.

    The water should not be too wet, so you don’t need to use too much water.

    Step 4.

    Take a cloth and put it over the water in the water jug.

    Step 5.

    Let the water sit for a few minutes and it should be safe to drink.

    To make your homemade water filter, use this simple DIY guide.


    Find out how much water you’ll need to filter.

    Find out how many ounces of water you need for a gallon of water.


    Put the water into the jug, making sure the top cap is completely free.


    Remove it and add more.


    Use the towel to pull the water out.


    Fill the water bag up with more water.6.

    Add the water to the bottle.7.

    Pour the water onto the filter.8.

    Fill it up again and shake it to mix it.9.

    Add a water towel and shake.10.

    Take it out and rinse.


    Add another towel and repeat.