A new free service from the US firm Bubbler offers free water pipes and pipes for sale on its website.

    Bubbler has just launched a new product called Water Pipes for Sale, which lets people buy and sell pipes and water valves for the price of a kettle.

    The free service lets users buy a water pipe and then sell it at a discounted price.

    The service is currently available to UK customers only.

    “Water pipes are a universal resource, which allows us to deliver more service to customers in a cheaper way than ever before,” Bubbler said in a statement.

    “The Bubbler Water Pumps program provides a platform for anyone who has an interest in selling their water pipes to the general public, but doesn’t want to be charged an upfront price.”

    The company said the service would be available on its sites from July.

    Free pipes and fittings are being offered for a limited time, and can be purchased for between £2.99 and £3.99.

    Some other free options include free fittings for the home, and free fittling for the road.

    Bubbly also offers a free service that lets people who have purchased a kettle to sell it to other users.

    For a limited amount of time, Bubbler will give away free water fittings and pipes.

    Water pipes for Sale is available to US users, UK users, and UK residents.

    To learn more about water pipes for you, check out the BBC’s guide to water pipes.