The Republican leadership has put forth a plan to tackle climate change and put a bipartisan stamp on the White House’s ambitious climate agenda.

    The House is poised to release a bill on Thursday that will overhaul the nation’s energy policy, as well as roll back some of President Barack Obama’s climate actions.

    The plan, drafted by Sen. Lisa Murkowski Lisa Ann MurkowskiThe Hill’s Morning Report – Sponsored by American Airlines – Senate Judiciary Latest news, video and analysis on the opioid crisisPresident Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office have been marked by a flurry of legislative moves and executive orders.

    Among the many new items the White Senate has pushed, are major cuts to federal climate policy, including cutting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) budget and cutting the EPA’s staff of climate scientists.

    “It’s the biggest reduction in climate policy that we’ve seen in the administration,” Sen. John Barrasso John Anthony BarrassoThe Hill will have more on this: Trump administration approves controversial oil pipelines | How Trump and McConnell plan to dismantle Obama’s legacy MORE (R-Wyo.) said on Friday.

    “And we’re talking about it with a plan.”

    Republicans are also looking to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to help fund a plan that would limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

    The Trump administration has made clear that it is prepared to go to war against the greenhouse gas pollution of fossil fuels.

    While it may be more palatable to Republicans to cut the EPA budget and leave the agency to the states, it is likely to cause major problems for EPA officials and the EPA itself.

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    The other is here:The White House and EPA have been under increasing pressure from Republicans and Democrats to address climate change.

    The new plan is expected to have an effect on that effort, although it could also set back the pace in the fight against climate change as well.

    “I think it will be a good first step,” Sen.

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    How does Trump’s EPA fit into the equation?

    Here’s how the Hill’s coverage of the White HOUSE’s climate push will play out:President Trump is likely set to sign the plan on Thursday.

    That means the White’s plan will likely have a chance to make it to the Senate floor before lawmakers begin debate on the measure.

    That is, unless Democrats can convince Senate Majority Leader Chuck SchumerChuck SchumerElection Countdown: Kavanaugh allegations put GOP in tough spot | Republicans start to pull plug on candidates | Dems see Kavanaugh fight as political test | GOP senators push back against Trump on health care bill | Dems have a plan on life in the Senate | Biden plans to fight on on as a Biden spokesmanTrump is taking steps to bolster EPA oversight over COVID-19 after EPA’s budget cutDemocrats are eyeing a ‘Plan B’ for EPA to deal with climate changeTrump and McConnell on climate deal: No ‘silver bullet’ on climate, Biden saysThe Hill plans to launch a new series of reports every week.

    Follow us on Twitter: @thehillThe White house said it is ready to take up the bill, but only after the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee completes a full and thorough review of the plan.

    The Senate Environment Committee is expected take up its own review of Trump’s climate agenda on Wednesday.

    Trump’s first major executive order on climate policy was unveiled last month.

    The order, signed by Trump, directed EPA to develop a plan by December 2018 to reduce greenhouse gas pollutants from power plant emissions, while at the same time providing a waiver to states to use federal funds for renewable energy.

    The president has also directed EPA administrator Scott Pruitt to develop “a new rule to limit CO2 emissions from fossil fuels, while ensuring that states are able to use their existing fossil fuel credits and financing to provide clean energy for their communities.”