A federal judge on Monday denied a petition from a group of Texas residents who claim they’ve been treated for chronic water quality issues after their water pipes started leaking.

    U.S. District Judge William Orrick wrote in a written opinion that the plaintiffs’ complaint is without merit and “does not address the actual facts of the matter.”

    The plaintiffs allege they were treated with chloramine, a chemical that is typically used in disinfection.

    They contend that chloramine causes water to become cloudy and the water to turn gray.

    The Texas Department of Health says the water system has improved, and says it is not responsible for any of the alleged health issues.

    The plaintiffs are asking Orrick to order the water company to install a filter to prevent chloramine from entering the system.

    They also want a new monitoring system and a better monitoring program.

    The group says they are waiting to see if the water pipe problem is resolved before filing a lawsuit.

    The water pipes in Houston are among the country’s worst.

    The city has been dealing with an unprecedented number of leaks in recent months.