Water pipes are no longer frozen when they freeze and are actually “pouring water” instead.

    In an interview with CBC News, the owner of the New Brunswick-based company that makes the pipes said he has been testing the water supply for months.

    “When you look at our pipes and the amount of water that’s flowing through them, it’s actually pouring,” said George Goudreau.

    “The pipes that we’re currently using are not frozen, they’re actually pumping water out of the pipes.”

    Goudsier says the pipes are being tested by his company, TransCanada Energy, in hopes of making sure they won’t rupture and cause a fire.

    The company says it has been making the tests to ensure it has adequate supplies of water.

    “We’ve been testing our pipes for six months now, and we’re seeing no problems,” said Goudier.

    He says he has noticed the pipes were freezing in recent months.

    He said there is no danger of that happening in the future.

    “I know that if we continue to do that we’ll see a reduction in pipe capacity,” said the owner.

    TransCanada says the company is working on a test to determine if it can make the pipes more durable.

    “With the increased pressure that we are feeling, we have decided to conduct a testing program,” said TransCanada’s vice president of regulatory affairs, Eric Dauch.

    “Our goal is to determine what the long-term effect will be on our infrastructure.”

    TransCanada said the pipes would be tested at its New Brunswick facility and at its Quebec facility.

    “It’s not clear at this point whether that would be a temporary test or permanent,” said Dauche.

    Goudiers company, Pipeworks, said in a statement that it had made sure it has enough water for all customers and said it was confident that the pipes can withstand the pressure.

    “Pipeworks has been monitoring water supplies throughout the province for over three years and we continue our testing program with the appropriate regulators,” said Pipeworks.

    Trans Canada says it’s notifying affected customers.

    Goulbourne said he believes the pipes will be tested again in the next few weeks and says it won’t cause any problems.

    Transcom says it is in contact with customers and is “working closely with regulators to ensure we have the proper testing program in place.”


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