Posted March 08, 2018 01:10:54 It would be a disaster.

    That’s the conclusion of researchers at the University of Melbourne who have developed a device that can freeze water pipes in just a few minutes, while leaving them unfrozen for several hours.

    It would also be much cheaper than expensive, and the technology could be used to create pipes for other uses, including water cooling.

    A study published in Nature Energy predicts the system could be built at a price of about $10,000, while another in the journal Nature Energy shows it could be constructed for $1,500.

    “It’s very easy to do,” said co-author David Geddes, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the university.

    “We have already started to build a prototype for this and it’s just a matter of getting the technology ready.”

    The research was carried out by the University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

    They used a special type of steel, which can bend under pressure and form a solid as it cools.

    It is then bent by an electric field, so that a wire that would be made of glass or a metal will bend like a glass pipe.

    The researchers then used an electrical current to freeze the pipes at temperatures as low as 1,000C, which is what would be needed to freeze them.

    When they cooled them, they found that the pipes were completely unfrozen, so the researchers could then place the pipe inside a sealed box, and let it freeze for a week.

    The pipe would be cooled again, then opened and the pipe completely unfreezed.

    The cooling process can be controlled by the user, with the user controlling the current flow.

    The system could also be used for water cooling, allowing pipes to be cooled and then re-frozen again without freezing them.

    “If you want to cool a small device like a shower head, you can put it inside a freezer, but if you want a larger pipe, you have to put it in a freezer and it will not work,” Gedds said.

    “This is an incredibly important technology because it is something that has a huge potential for the future.”

    One of the major advantages of the technology is that it would not require any refrigeration equipment or even any water to be pumped into the pipe.

    That means that the pipe could be placed in the freezer without freezing it.

    “There is a big advantage of this technology, because it does not require the installation of a refrigeration system,” Gadds said, adding that it also would be much less expensive than a typical water system, which would require a water pump to cool it.

    The technology is currently being tested in the laboratory.

    The team are currently testing the device in a research vessel, where they hope to demonstrate that the process can produce pipe that has the properties of glass and other metals.

    The research is supported by the Australian Research Council’s Research Excellence Framework and the Australian Department of Energy and Climate Change.

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