The Federal Emergency Management Agency said Thursday that it will not renew federal permits for more than 500 water pipes, including water-treatment plants, because the corrosion caused by heavy rains caused the pipes to break.

    The agency said in a statement that the water pipes have been repaired by state and private contractors, but they can no longer be used.

    The agencies decision came a day after an environmental group said it had found a number of corrosion issues on about 600 of the water-supply pipes that have been under water since late January.

    The water system at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the largest recipients of federal water subsidies, has been under severe water pressure.

    The university, which has been a frequent recipient of federal money for water infrastructure, said it would pay about $10,000 for each of the damaged pipes.

    Federal grants allow states to extend their water-pipeline permits through 2021 to address problems with the pipes.

    The latest problems in the water system come amid the national drought.

    In December, Gov.

    Pat McCrory (R) of North Carolinas response to a drought that left some residents without drinking water.

    The state was hit with a record-low snowfall and other severe weather conditions.

    The North Carolina Emergency Management Department said in January that the state had lost nearly 6 million acre feet of snow and had recorded the fourth-highest amount of snowfall in the country.

    Officials said that the drought also forced some counties to shut down schools, cut off electricity and limited people’s access to the Internet.

    In the past year, North Carolina has also seen two water crises: a wildfire that devastated the state’s capital and a state-run shut down of the coal-fired power plant that supplies drinking water to nearly all of North Dakota.


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