The UK is facing a water crisis, with experts warning that pipes could freeze over and even explode.

    There are fears that the number of frozen pipes could double by the end of the year.

    A report by consultants Pipewave said more than 100,000 UK water pipes are at risk, and there are fears they could explode.

    It warns that the ice on pipes could cause a fire.

    Experts are warning that it could lead to the “total loss of life” as a result of the problem.

    The company has been in contact with the Government to help manage the crisis.

    The report by Pipewaves, which is based on customer data, said the number and severity of the frozen pipes has been increasing in recent years.

    There were 4.5 million pipes frozen or in the process of freezing in April, up from 2.8 million in January, according to the company.

    There was a spike in the number last month as the government stepped up its emergency response, it added.

    ‘Stressful’ environment The report warned that there was “an increased risk of ice melting and fire, which could be disastrous for people, their property and infrastructure”.

    It’s a difficult environment and it’s very stressful for everyone in the business.” “

    The pressure on pipes is increasing, and the pressure on piping is expected to continue to increase over the next few years.”

    It’s a difficult environment and it’s very stressful for everyone in the business.

    “It said there was a high risk of piping cracking due to the amount of ice on them.

    It said the average pipe was about 1cm thick, with smaller pipes up to 1cm.

    It added that the problem could become worse in the future, and warned that “an increase in the frequency of freezing and a consequent increase in pipe size, density and depth could occur in the short-term”.

    In a statement, the Government said: “There is no single cause of piping failure, but there are a number of factors that can increase the risk.

    “These include an increased demand for piping services, increased temperatures, a change in the quality of the water, changes in maintenance schedules, and increased weather and wind conditions.”

    The Government has set up a Cobra team to monitor the situation to identify areas where more action needs to be taken.

    “Pipewave has set out its response plan to manage this situation in the coming months.”

    The Government has made it clear that it is “proud” of its response to the situation, with Environment Secretary Michael Gove telling the BBC: “I’m not just talking about pipes.

    There’s other things that have been happening that we’ve not been able to fully understand.”

    He added: “[The pipe manufacturers] are trying to understand what’s going on and they’re working with us to try to understand it and make sure we’re not getting ahead of ourselves.”

    But we have to be very careful about the numbers and the extent of the problems.”‘

    I am so sad’ Water Minister Ed Vaizey said the Government was “in contact” with the piping industry.

    He said: ‘It’s very difficult environment’ The Government’s Pipeworks has said it is working to ensure that it does not have to use any of its customers’ piping.

    A spokesperson said: The UK’s piping industry is the largest in the world and the majority of the UK’s water infrastructure is delivered to customers.

    The piping industry has been working with the government and the Public Health Agency to provide guidance to help ensure that piping is safe and effective.

    The spokesperson added: ‘The industry has taken the actions that it has to take to ensure its piping is effective and safe for customers, customers and staff.’

    The piping industry takes the responsibility of providing safe and efficient service very seriously.’

    We are in contact regularly with the UK Government to ensure we do not use any customer’s piping, and are working with government and our partners to ensure this continues.’

    In December, the Department of Health and the Environment announced that they were “rethinking” the way that pipes are made and tested.

    A spokesman said: We are rethinking the way in which we make our pipes.

    We are looking at the design of the pipes, including their materials, and ensuring that our pipes are of good quality and meet our standards of safety and quality.

    ‘We are not putting up with the ice’ In an interview with the BBC, Mr Vaizeys said: I am so sorry to hear about the pipes that have frozen and there is a concern.

    I have been working for many years with the pipework industry and we have a huge number of pipes in the UK.

    But we are not getting any more efficient and we are getting less efficient, so we have had a lot of frustration.

    We have had some problems with the quality and quantity of pipes that we have got.

    I am really sorry about that.

    I think it is a very difficult situation.

    The Government is working very hard