Peeples, WA – A water pipe found in a nearby creek has been described as a rare “life-saving device” by emergency workers who are trying to save a fish from drowning.

    The pipe was found near the creek in Pemberton, just outside Peeble, on Monday morning.

    A spokesperson for the state Emergency Services said it was an “emergency” and a person could not be found who was able to speak to.

    Emergency Services officers were able to use the device to rescue the fish but could not reach the body of the person who was dead, they said.

    It was a life-saving tool, a person with the pipe, was able get the fish to breathe.

    Peebles Mayor Bob Ritchey said he had not been told about the discovery and he was concerned for the safety of his city.

    “We’re concerned for everyone in Pender and the surrounding area,” he said.

    “The community has been in a really bad state of mind for a while now and the people who have been working here for a number of years are really struggling and struggling to get by.”

    The pipe, which is about two metres long and six metres wide, was found in the creek by a local man who was cleaning up after his son had a brush with a creek.

    “I saw the pipe in the water and thought, ‘this is a lifesaver’,” the man told ABC News.

    The man was not able to reach the pipe’s occupant, who had been swimming nearby.

    In the meantime, emergency workers were trying to resuscitate the fish.

    A water-main break in Preeble Creek in Pekete, about 250 kilometres (155 miles) east of Perth, has been reported, and emergency workers are on site.

    More than 80 people have been rescued from Peepees waterways this year, most of them from drowning, according to the WA Department of Emergency Services.



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