Water pipe installation instructions are now online, and they are all very simple.

    They are in a very easy-to-follow format and there are only a few steps required.

    Here’s what you need to know.

    The instructions come from a company called Water Pipe Solutions.

    “We’ve been able to provide a lot of information to help people with their water pipe and installation,” Water Pipe Products founder and CEO Tim Ragan told Vice News.

    “It was really important to us to bring the knowledge to the masses.”

    The instructions cover the basics of plumbing, including installing a sink and a shower, replacing leaks, and sealing leaks.

    The instructions also include tips for installing other water-related accessories, such as a sprinkler system, water heater, and more.

    Water Pipe Solutions, which is based in Seattle, is a partnership between the city of Seattle and the water utility.

    The company is a division of the engineering company Aecom, which also makes water pipes and fittings.

    Aecos is part of the German water utility company AquaBond, which was founded in 1875.

    The company is not alone.

    Others have also made water pipe installation and installation guides.

    The U.K.-based Water Piping Guide also offers installation instructions, as does the Canadian company Water Pipe & Pipes.

    The instructions are not entirely new.

    Last year, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that the U,S.

    water system had “a high level of waterborne pathogens” and that “some of the systems that we use for our drinking water supply are contaminated.”

    The agency had issued an emergency order for the removal of pipes that contained lead.

    Water pipes, which are commonly used for the delivery of water to homes, are also frequently contaminated with lead.

    Lead is an especially dangerous metal, and the National Institutes of Health says that the risk of elevated lead levels in water pipes is greater than the risk from other lead-containing materials.

    Water pipe installation in America, in which the water is pumped out of a pipe, has been one of the most problematic in the country.

    In May, the American Association of Water Pipe Installers issued a report detailing some of the problems with pipes that were in the pipeline and were leaking.

    The pipe in question was located in the Midwest and was leaking lead at a rate of 1,000 tons per day.

    The report also said that water from pipes located in southern and eastern states had higher lead levels than water from pipelines in the West.

    Water-service infrastructure is often built without adequate standards.

    Some states and municipalities require that all water service lines be tested for lead before they are installed.

    A report from the American Society of Civil Engineers found that there are no requirements for pipe-testing requirements in all 50 states.

    But even without strict lead requirements, some states are starting to require testing.

    Last month, a federal court ordered California to install a lead-free water service line for its San Joaquin Valley Water Authority.

    The judge ordered that the line, which connects to a city water main, be tested annually for lead levels.

    The order has since been upheld.