Flooded water pipes have been blocked in several flood-hit areas in the San Diego area.

    The Department of Water and Power says they’re currently on track to build and operate at least 20 water mains in areas hit hardest by the historic San Diego flood of February 2017.

    The department says that while there is no set date, the completion date for these new projects will be at least May 2018.

    The pipes will be built to withstand major flooding.

    But in some places, the water will be as high as 10 feet high and they’ll need to be reinforced and watertight.

    In some areas, there may be a need for new water lines.

    Some communities that have received flood damage from the historic drought include the Mission, North Park, San Marcos and the Pescadero areas of Los Angeles.

    The city of San Diego and the National Park Service have asked for help to build some of these water masses, as well as in the Mission and Pescado Canyon, according to the National Parks Service.

    The San Diego Water Development Corporation and the San Fernando Valley Water District have also expressed an interest in building water masts.