A water pipe is seen in the Brisbane CBD in this December 16, 2016 file photo.

    The Queensland Government said it was examining a new water pipe project that could cost more than $1 billion and would be built on land that was previously owned by the State Government.

    Water pipes are an integral part of the infrastructure that provides water to Brisbane’s residents.

    It has been estimated that there are around 50,000 water pipes in the city.

    The Government is now examining the feasibility of building the new pipe in Brisbane, which is home to the city’s airport, shopping centres and an estimated 5,000 jobs.

    Mr Dutton said the project was a “game changer” for Brisbane and would “transform our water supply and the way we serve the region”.

    “It’s about delivering the greatest water service possible for the community, which we know is the key to our economic success,” he said.

    Mr Dutton also outlined the Government’s $1.5 billion plan to upgrade Brisbane’s water infrastructure.

    “The Government has identified $1bn of additional funding to strengthen Brisbane’s infrastructure, which will allow us to upgrade the city to meet the needs of our future residents,” he added.

    The Government is looking at a $1 million project to construct a water pipe at the edge of Brisbane’s airport.

    It has previously approved $2.5 million in funding for a water supply project at Brisbane’s historic Crows Nest, which was bought by the Brisbane City Council for $4 million.

    Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has also announced she will support a $4.2 billion water project that will be funded by the Federal Government.

    She said the funding would support the completion of a water pipeline and improve the citys water infrastructure by improving the delivery of water to the airport and the city streets.

    Earlier, Queensland Premier Annadine Palaszeni said the Government would look to the Federal Parliament to provide the funding needed for the project.

    Ms Palaszeuszczak said she was confident that the Federal government would “step up to the plate” and “put Queensland first”.

    Queenland Premier and Federal Government Leader Annadie Palaszan said she would not be shy to work with the Federal and State Governments to find a solution to the water crisis in Queensland.

    I am confident that we can work with Federal and state partners to secure the funding necessary for the water infrastructure projects to meet our water needs, Ms Palaszesczuk said.

    “The Government of Queensland is committed to working with our partners to ensure the water supply system remains the priority, and we will work with our Federal partners to find solutions to the issues we are facing, she said.

    The Federal Government has already pledged $1billion in funding to Queensland for its water infrastructure, but that funding will not be enough to keep the city running until the water pipes are repaired.

    This is a critical time for the city and the region, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that all residents are able to have access to safe drinking water and access to clean drinking water,” Ms Palaseszczu said.

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