A few weeks ago, a Reddit user posted a link to a series of “What You Need To Know” articles on the internet, where fans are encouraged to share information about the movies and TV shows they want to see.

    The list was titled, “The Powerpuff Girl Movie: The Official Guide To The Power Puff.”

    The PowerPuff Girl Guide featured a plethora of information on the movie and the franchise, including trailers, photos, and a list of all the songs from the movie.

    While the list itself isn’t anything new (see: What to Know About “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” Movies and TV Shows), it did give fans a look at what to expect from the upcoming movie.

    If you’re curious, here are the official list of songs and how to find them: PowerPuffs, The PowerBust Girls, and PowerPuppyGirls.tumblr.com/post/84898992223/the-powerpuff-girls-movie-the-official-guide-to-the