A long time ago, in a distant land, the great king of kings, The Great King, was king of all the land.

    He was the only king, the only ruler, the sole ruler of the land and he ruled over all the peoples of the earth.

    All the other kings ruled in a despotic way, and none of them were ever really in power.

    The Great king of Kings, who was called by his name, the Great King of Kings was the great lord of all kings.

    He ruled over the entire land of the living and the dead, and he had a great palace built in the heavens.

    He had a mighty army of troops and soldiers.

    He marched against all the kingdoms of the world, and his armies marched on all the continents, and even into the skies above.

    He conquered all the lands, he conquered all continents and he conquered the earth itself.

    Then he went to sleep, and when he woke up he was very sad.

    He said to his troops, “I am very sad indeed.

    I am sad that I am going to sleep and that I have to sleep in the middle of the night.

    My enemies are getting closer and closer and they are getting more and more numerous.

    I have no food, no clothes, no food and no clothes for my men, and I have none for my women.

    My horses and my elephants and my horses are dying from hunger and I cannot find any water to drink.

    I can not even find water for my horses to drink because I am too far away from water.

    I cannot feed my people because I have not even the water to cook for them.

    My servants are dying of thirst and I am not able to feed them.

    I need help to make them eat.

    I want my children to be happy, but they are not happy because I cannot give them a happy life.

    I do not want them to become rich and happy, so I have abandoned them and my people.

    They are not getting any food, and they do not have any clothes, and so they die.

    All of these things are very difficult for me to bear.

    So I go to sleep for a little while, and then I go out again, and at the same time I look around me and I see the soldiers and I can see that they are hungry.

    Then I go back to sleep.

    And when I woke up again I was very tired, and my men were dying.

    I could not sleep, so my army was in a very bad state, and a great deal of people were dying and they were starving.

    So the Great king was very worried.

    He sent a great army of his soldiers to the land of Egypt, and the army of the Great kings army marched towards the land where they lived.

    Then they marched towards Egypt and they went through Egypt and went to the lands of the Egyptians.

    Then the Great Egyptian king sent a large number of his generals to the places where he lived and he sent his son and his son’s son to the same places.

    They sent a whole army of their soldiers, and those people that they sent they sent back with the greatest number of their forces.

    Then, as they came to the place where they had fought against the Great Egyptians, the king sent them with a great number of soldiers.

    They took great care to avoid the enemy and they killed them all.

    Then after they had killed them, they took their army to the city of Amarna, and after they killed the Egyptians there, they sent them back with great numbers of soldiers, so that they could take their army back to their king.

    So they sent a vast number of troops to Egypt and Egypt sent them a great many men, so they could carry the armies to the Great City, and Egypt went with great number and great number to the cities and towns and cities of the Greeks, and in these cities they found great numbers and great numbers.

    They came and took their armies, and this is the result of the war between the great kings.

    The Egyptians went to war against the Greeks and the Greeks were defeated.

    They went back to Egypt, took their cities, took back their armies and then the Great city went to Egypt again.

    They were going to send back the armies they had defeated and take back the cities they had taken from the Greeks.

    And they sent their army there again.

    And so Egypt went back again to Egypt.

    And this is how they came back again and again to fight against the Egyptians and the Egyptians took Egypt again and took back the Egyptian cities and Egypt took back its army again.

    So Egypt went again and fought again and it came to a battle.

    The Egyptian army was very strong and very well armed, and it was very much in a great mood.

    And the Egyptians were very proud and proud.

    And Egypt was very happy because they had conquered Egypt, they had captured Egypt.

    They had conquered the whole of Egypt and now Egypt could return to the king.

    They could take back their cities again, they could bring back