Fans are complaining about water spraying over their heads, causing a mix of headaches and other symptoms that have them turning to other sports.

    The problem is also plaguing a league that has been forced to confront fans’ concerns about air quality after an earlier water-related incident forced officials to cancel games in Cincinnati and San Diego.

    Fans are reporting headaches and nausea from the spray, which can also cause breathing difficulties.

    Fans have reported headaches and coughing, and a number of people have also reported nausea and vomiting.

    A source told CBS Sports on Tuesday that the water issue is more serious than the fans have imagined.

    “The fans have been saying they have water issues,” the source said.

    “It’s like the worst thing in the world, it’s not even a water issue.

    They’re just breathing problems.”

    The source said the water problems are also causing fans to travel hundreds of miles away to games and away from their homes.

    According to CBS Sports, officials said the situation was “not as severe as some fans may have assumed.”

    “As a precaution, the NFL will be canceling all NFL games in the Cincinnati and Green Bay markets and the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs home games,” the league said in a statement Tuesday.

    “This decision is being made as a matter of safety and to ensure that fans and local businesses have access to clean drinking water.”

    The NFL and the Chargers have been working to resolve the issue, and the league has since postponed the games in both markets.

    “We want fans to be able to come to their games and enjoy the game,” the statement said.


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