Water filtration is a good idea for people who live in apartments, townhouses and other buildings where the risk of exposure to water is high.

    It also helps protect people in nursing homes and long-term care homes from the spread of the flu.

    But while it’s essential, it’s not a must.

    Here’s how to use your water filtrate safely.

    READ MORE: 1 in 5 people get sick from flu symptoms: Australian Medical Association (AMA) recommendations for people at high risk of infection 1 in 3 people at risk of flu symptoms are in residential settings Source: AAP 2 in 5 Australians at risk from flu, flu season: AMA recommendations for home and long term care home residentsSource: AAP 3 in 5 Australian homes at risk for influenza, flu-like illness: AMA guidelines for people aged 18 years and overSource: AMA 4 in 5 adults with flu symptoms who live with family are at increased risk of being at high-risk of illness, AMA recommendsSource: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) 5 in 5 of those who have a family history of influenza are at high or moderate risk of becoming ill from the coronavirus: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) dataSource: ABS 6 in 10 Australians who had the flu at least once in the previous month were in a high- risk of developing pneumonia or influenza: Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) dataA study published in The Lancet found that a quarter of all hospital admissions to intensive care units and ICUs between January and September had been due to the coronivirus.AAP/ABC