As the years go by, water pipes get thicker and thicker, and it gets more and more difficult to drain a home’s plumbing system without a major repair.

    If you’re struggling to pay your bills, a few simple steps can make your home more watertight:1.

    Start with an easy and cheap DIY project.2.

    Install a simple water filter and install a pipe spraying system.3.

    Replace a faucet with a water bottle dispenser.4.

    Start adding a water filter that filters your water supply through a water pipe.5.

    Make sure your plumbing system is in good working order by installing a new fauceter or adding a new shower curtain.6.

    Make a new water system to replace the one you’re stuck with.7.

    Start filling your tub with water to make it easier to drain.8.

    Use a new dishwasher or an old one that won’t damage your pipes.9.

    Install the water-powered shower curtain to protect your bathroom from the elements.10.

    Use your faucets to refill a new drinking fountain and/or add a splash pad.11.

    Start replacing a few old shower curtains with new ones that are a little more decorative.12.

    Find a good replacement faucetter or water-proof shower curtain that fits your bathroom needs.13.

    Replace your shower curtain with a fitter, brighter, more colorful shower curtain if it doesn’t fit your bathroom style.14.

    Get a new toilet paper dispenser that works for your bathroom, and replace it with a toilet paper roll dispenser to make your bathroom more accessible.15.

    Install an automatic sprinkler system in your bathroom that lets you control the water supply.16.

    Install water filters and sprayers in your bathrooms to replace old ones that get a little stale.17.

    Install your own water-tight bathroom fixtures like a mirror and a bathtub to keep your bathroom clean.18.

    Use an automatic toilet-paper dispenser in your shower to flush the toilet after you get home from work or shower.19.

    Install shower curtains in your bath to help keep the water from going down your drain.20.

    Add an automatic shower curtain in your sink to keep the air out when you’re showering.21.

    Install plumbing fixtures in your home to help your water work.


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