I used to think rubber was a pretty cool material.

    That was until I got the water pipe I wanted.

    Now I use it to clean my house.

    It’s so much better than the pipe I used years ago.

    I don’t like to put it in the sink, but I like to use it in a shower to keep it nice and fresh.

    And it also makes for a great water bong.

    That’s what I got for the water bongs I used on this project.

    It has two holes that can hold water or air.

    The water can be poured through the pipe, or air can be pushed through the holes.

    The rubber pipe has a rubber stopper to keep water out of the water pipes.

    Here’s what the water washes up after it’s used up.

    (Photo: Erin Lohmann)I bought two of these for myself.

    One for me and one for my boyfriend.

    I have to say, they’re pretty fun.

    We love how easy it is to use them, and the price is really reasonable.

    I bought a 1.5-gallon bottle for $35 on Amazon.

    I’m not sure how many I’ll use.

    I’ll probably have to wait until I have more of these to buy a larger bottle, but the one I bought for my husband was about the size of a big glass bottle.

    I also have a few water pipes that I have for fun, and I usually buy about three water pipes a month.

    But for now, I’m using rubber for fun.

    I’ve been using it for cleaning up my house, but this is my favorite.

    The other reason I like this rubber pipe is that it’s easy to make.

    You just need a small amount of glue to hold the rubber in place.

    If you’re just starting out with pipes, I suggest buying a couple of pieces.

    Once you have a couple, you can use the glue to make any size you want.

    I like the ones that I made for the shower, because they’re super easy to do.

    Just spray a little glue on the surface of the pipe and use the same method to attach the hose.

    Once I had that pipe ready to go, I just made a few adjustments to the holes so I could keep it in place when I was using it in my bathroom.

    I drilled holes for the rubber stoppers and I cut a couple more holes in the bottom so that I could attach the pipe to the wall.

    I made a couple different shapes and colors, so it’s really easy to build.

    If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably make a different one for each of my pipes.

    I know the rubber pipe will be in use for a while, and it’ll be a good addition to any room.

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