You might have heard the news that water is coming from a new pipe.

    You might not have heard that it’s actually a pipe.

    Water is now being pumped through pipes in the UK, Canada, Germany and the US. 

    The pipes are designed to deliver water from the Irish Sea to a European market, which in turn sends it to the UK.

    The pipes are the latest innovation to help European countries meet the growing demand for drinking water.

    But there’s more to them than meets the eye.

    They’re designed to pump the water from one source to another and from one place to another. The BBC’s Margo Kelly reports.

    Irish Water: How to get the best water from a pipe article If you’ve ever had your coffee or tea with a bottle of cold, dark-coloured water then you know what a water pipe is.

    It’s the biggest water pipe in the world.

    It is about 4m high and 7m wide.

    It’s one of the biggest pipes in Europe and, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s largest water pipe.

    It stretches 1,700m (3,948ft) from one end of the pipe to the other.

    The water in a pipe is typically piped from one reservoir to another to give it its colour.

    When the water flows through pipes, the water in the pipes is filtered, the amount of dissolved salts in it being passed from one pipe to another in a process called evaporation.

    “We are pumping the water through these pipes and it is being delivered to us via a pipe, rather than a pipe from the source,” said Mark Whelan, a lecturer in water technology at the University of Glasgow.

    If the water you’re using is not safe to drink, water from Irish Sea pipes is not.

    This is because the water coming from Irish sea pipes is treated to remove any harmful chemicals.

    Ireland’s Department of Health says the pipes have a life of about 80 years.

    What’s in it?

    The pipes, which are used to transport drinking water, are designed for three purposes.

    Firstly, they’re used for drinking in cold weather, which makes it difficult to carry away a bottle or cup of coffee.

    Secondly, they can be used to deliver drinking water from an inland source to a UK-bound water supply.

    And thirdly, they help European water producers meet the ever-increasing demand for water from Ireland.

    Why use Irish sea?

    Irish sea pipes are made from two-dimensional (2D) steel.

    The water pipes are constructed with a number of features to make them more resistant to damage and to protect against corrosion.

    They also have a number the can hold up to the cold and rain.

    Irish sea pipe is also a lot less expensive to produce.

    When the pipes are opened they’re covered in a special layer of corrosion resistant steel to protect them from water.

    The corrosion resistant coating is made of zinc.

    It has been tested in a range of temperatures and temperatures are measured and it does not affect the water quality of the water.

    Is there a problem with the Irish sea piping?

    There is a possibility of some water leaking into the sea.

    But Irish sea water is safe to use in Ireland.

    It will not affect any drinking water sources in the country.