What’s the best way to keep your pipes from leaking?

    That’s the question we’ve asked ourselves since a rash of water main breaks in our homes in recent months has sparked public outcry.

    Read more:The BBC has been asked by a spokesperson for the Scottish Government to answer the question, which will be asked of the Department of Health and Social Care in a response to a Freedom of Information request.

    But the question has been thrown into doubt as the government has not responded to repeated calls for clarification on the topic.

    We are currently consulting with the Scottish Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee on the scope of its public accounts committee responsibilities, including what we expect to be included in the response, and on the specific questions raised by the BBC.

    The Scottish Government is the only government in the UK to have the power to appoint a public accounts team to investigate public health risks associated with water infrastructure and has been working on the issue since the Scottish referendum last year.

    It has also been asked to make public a list of questions and proposals that will be put to ministers, including a list to be published on the Scottish website.

    The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) said it was not aware of any questions about the issue that might have been raised in response to the BBC’s question.

    A DEFRA spokesperson said the department did not comment on the public accounts process.