Posted October 15, 2018 10:53:50 It seems that the water pipe for a water heater is a common problem that we’re all familiar with.

    The problem is, when it does break, the water pipes are often left dangling, and often the entire plumbing system fails.

    Now, the plumbing companies behind these pipes are facing the issue of water leaking out of the pipes, leading to damage to their systems and potentially even death.

    The first major case of water leakage in the US involved the leak of a water system from a wastewater treatment plant in Chicago.

    A company called New Generation, which owns the plant, discovered the problem and called a meeting to fix the problem.

    The company, which was contracted by the city, has since been reimbursed by the company that owns the water system.

    “They had a number of problems and the system was leaking, and they decided to take a look at the pipes,” Mark Cappellaro, New Generation’s vice president of operations, told the Chicago Tribune.

    “The problem was they were leaking water, and the city didn’t want to take responsibility for it.

    It was just a terrible situation for us.”

    Now, New Gen. says it is paying $1.8 million in damages to a former customer who alleges she was forced to pay more than $500 for her water.

    The Chicago Tribune reported that a former New Generation customer who sued New Gen for $500 said she was pressured to pay for her own water after her water bill increased to more than a thousand dollars.

    “My water bill went from $75 a month to $1,800,” she said.

    “I’m paying for water that I didn’t use and I can’t even get water from my own yard.

    The water was stolen from my property.”

    The Chicago Department of Water Management (CDMW) says it’s aware of the lawsuit.

    “We’re investigating the situation and are cooperating with the city in its investigation,” CDMW spokesperson Liz Dauphin told Ars.

    “As with all water leaks, we can’t prevent or contain them, but we can prevent them from occurring.”

    The city is also investigating whether the New Gen company knew about the problems.

    According to the Tribune, New Generators CEO Brian Cavanagh told the newspaper that the company did not have a detailed water monitoring system in place.

    “What we have to do is look at everything we can do to prevent this from happening in the future,” Cavanag said.

    According the Tribune article, the company had been operating the plant for 18 years before the incident.