In the third quarter of their game against the Bengals, the Steelers had to stop and wait for water to flow in a pipe.

    It took all of three seconds to stop the flow of water from one side of the field to the other.

    It took the Steelers only one second to start the water filter, which was in the middle of the stadium.

    The rest of the time was spent waiting for the pipe to start up again, and they had to do it again and again.

    This was the Steelers’ third-straight shutout.

    It’s a record they’ve only broken twice, which is why the Steelers will play a home game against San Francisco in Week 17.

    “It’s frustrating when you think about what it takes to be in the playoffs,” linebacker Ryan Shazier said.

    “To be in this position to win, you have to have a lot of energy, a lot more focus, a little bit more of a chip on your shoulder.

    That’s what the Steelers are all about.

    I’m proud of our guys and we’re going to do our best to get them back.”

    The Steelers have won five of their last six games and are coming off a loss to the Eagles on Sunday.

    The Steelers (10-4) have won seven straight at home against the Eagles, who have lost their last four at Heinz Field.

    They’re in the NFC North race with the Packers, who won four straight games and advanced to the NFC Championship Game.

    The Packers (6-8) have lost three straight games, including a 27-20 loss to Philadelphia on Sunday, and have lost five straight at Lambeau Field.