Business Insider article Water pipes are everywhere, but what do you need to know about the first ever water pipe that was built by a black man?

    It all started with a pipe, and when a blacksmith named Thomas Walker wanted to make one of his own, he turned to a local pipe shop.

    But before he could even open the shop, he had to convince the owner that he had the proper qualifications to build one.

    Now that Walker has completed the first black water pipes in the United Kingdom, the pipe maker has been awarded £300,000 by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of the United States.

    The money, paid to the company by the EPRC, comes from a $100 million grant to the UK by the US Department of Energy.

    The EPRTRC was established in the 1990s and its funding was designed to encourage research in the design and manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment.

    The EPRTC has awarded more than $1.2 billion to research projects since its inception in 2011, making it the largest federal research fund for electrical and electrical engineering.

    The first blackwater pipe, made in the U.K., is being installed at the end of July.

    It will be used to replace the existing water pipes that run from the Whitechapel district of London to Whitechapelly in south London.

    Read more: The U.S. Navy has a plan to use drones to deliver supplies to Puerto RicoThe U.KS. government, meanwhile, announced plans to use a new drone to deliver aid to the island.

    The U2C is a small, lightweight drone that can fly up to 70 kilometers per hour and can carry up to 10 kilograms of supplies, according to the government.

    The drone is capable of taking off and landing vertically and horizontally, which is similar to the technology used to transport cargo from one place to another.

    The device is designed to be lighter than a Boeing 737 and will cost less than $2,000 to produce, the government said.

    The United States has already been using drones to transport supplies to the Caribbean island of St. Thomas since last October, but the U2A-XX drone, which has been used to deliver food to St. Croix, the Caribbean nation that is also home to St Thomas, was a prototype and was not approved by the U